Welcome to the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR)—a system for Canadian researchers to deposit and share research data and to facilitate discovery of research data in Canadian repositories.

Beta Testing

Thank you for Beta Testing FRDR!

Your time and interest is appreciated and we only ask that you provide us your feedback to help us improve FRDR to be a better service.

The Beta testing period is schedule to run from late April 2017 to the end of June. During Beta testing the support is being done by the development team, not a support team, but we’ll try and respond to your questions or suggestions as quickly as possible, but we don’t work nights and we are still doing development.

We will not be retaining data submitted during Beta testing. DOI's issued are only TEST DOI's and are never registered, so no one could ever locate any data with a test DOI

FRDR Service

When the FRDR service launches (scheduled for January 2018) it is planned to have the following core features:

FRDR uses Globus tools

The Federated Research Data Repository makes extensive use of tools operated by Globus. Globus is a non-profit project out of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. Globus is a partner in the delivery of the FRDR service.

Globus services are currently run in the USA on Amazon services. The research data itself remains stored in Canada. Only public metadata is copied to Globus.